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Regional highlights

It is worth packing your hiking or running shoes when planning a visit to the Collegium Glashütten. The Große Feldberg (highest point in the Taunus Mountains) is only 6.5 km away. Spacious meadows and fields, challenging running paths or just stimulating birdsong are all right across the road.

The nearby cities of Idstein and Bad Camberg or tourist attractions such as the "Hessenpark" (an open-air museum) or the former Roman fortress "Saalburg" are easily reached by car.

You can get a good overview of all the leisure activities on offer in the Taunus region at the information center of Taunus Touristik Service e.V. in Oberursel. 

A wonderful private zoo only 20 minutes from the hotel. 

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The almost 2,000-year-old Roman Limes border wall runs right through the district of Glashütten. The 40 km long Limes adventure trail begins at the Limes information pavilion above the supermarkets.

Two supermarkets, a gas station and different restaurants are located in Glashütten.

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Distance: 15 minutes 

The picturesque city center impresses with its numerous half-timbered buildings, in which small, owner-managed shops and creative chefs are hidden. Enjoy the castle and the so called witch-tower.

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Hiking at the Great Feldberg

With an area of almost 135,000 hectares, the Taunus Nature Park is the second largest nature park in Hesse and attracts 18 million visitors every year. There are 1,240 km of hiking trails to be discovered here.

The telecommunications tower is the symbol of the Taunus region. The region around the Großer Feldberg is a popular hiking area. Numerous hiking trails lead to the plateau of the 881 m high mountain, which forms the main Taunus ridge with the Kleiner Feldberg (824 m) and the Altkönig (798 m).

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Touring and mountain biking

Everyone who is looking for a sporting challenge is in good hands on the second section of the German Limes Cycle Path. Around 100 kilometers of the 818-kilometer long-distance cycle path lead from west to east through the Taunus. A large part of the route follows the well-preserved relics of the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes as well as reconstructed watchtowers and forts.

Friends of MTB off-road tours also get their money's worth. Just bring your bike and off you go. In addition to 889 demanding meters in altitude, the Großer Feldberg has two adrenaline-pumping downhill routes of 1.5 km and 150 m in altitude.

In this open-air museum visitors can expect an exciting all-round view of 400 years of rural life in Hesse. On 60 hectares of open space and in over 100 original buildings from all parts of the country, guests can experience up close how people used to live and work.

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For children

The Lochmühle amusement park make children's eyes light up. The park area, which has meanwhile grown to 16 hectares in a rural setting, attracts visitors from all over Germany and even offers sufficient opportunities to retreat at peak times. In addition to around 100 rides and play equipment, there are extensive green areas and a petting zoo.

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The Saalburg, in Roman times a fort with a camp village on the border between the Roman Empire and the Germanic tribal areas, was rebuilt around 1900 on the initiative of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The complex, which is unique in the world, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Limes.

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